History And Mission 

Stingrays Swimming was formed in 1986 to promote United States Swimming in Cobb County. We are known throughout the country as a first-class, year-round competitive swimming program. We are dedicated to providing instruction, coaching and participation in USA Swimming competition. Our history of accomplishments is a reflection of our working philosophy, "Training for Life." We are proud of our reputation, that of recognizing each Stingray as more than an athlete to be trained. We strive to make our team a comfortable social and educational environment in which to grow. We take pride in the compliments Stingray athletes receive on their team fellowship and spirit, devotion to team goals and values, and the manner in which they conduct themselves. We feel Stingrays Swimming has filled a need in youths lives for a quality, value- instilling program that promotes fitness, discipline, time management, personal responsibility, positive self-image and most of all the time-proven idea that "hard work pays off."

Stingrays Swimming emphasizes a long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment for each athlete. The emphasis in the Developmental groups is FUN and skill development. Learning in a fun atmosphere is important for a youngster to develop his or her swimming and life skills. In the Age Group program, technique is continually stressed and more emphasis on training skills is added with the goal to maintain good technique while training. The Senior team offers a variety of training groups with a variety of commitment levels from a high school emphasis to a National level emphasis.

We are more than just a swim team. We are a family where parental involvement is essential to the growth and well-being of the TEAM.

Stingrays Swimming Mission Statement:

Together Perpetuating Excellence

"Training for Life"