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JULY 2024 Calendar - UPDATED 06/27/2024

Spring Break April 5th - April 13th, 2025

Holiday Schedule: Senior Group

December -     

Wednesday 20th, 6:45-9:30 am, plus 4-6 pm      

Thursday 21st, 6:45-9:30 am; plus 4-6 pm          

Friday 22nd, 6:45-9:30 am                                       

Sat 23rd, 7-9 am 

OFF Sunday through Tuesday                                                                                                         

Wed, Thu, Fri, and Saturday, same as the first week   

January 2nd starts the regular schedule.                             

Thanksgiving Week - 11/25-30, 2024

Mon-Wed CAC 6:45-9:30 am (Dryland first) Fri 8:45-11 am CCAC (Cherokee); Sat CAC 6:45-9:45 am

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